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Eco Grow Farms is an agronomy and engineering firm that provides cost effective products and services to a wide range of clients. From indoor and out door farms, to golf courses and backyards; we provide cost effective ecological solutions.

In addition to hydro and aeroponic design build services; we offer a suite of natural innovative turf, soil, and pest control products that set the bar for quality while improving top and bottom lines.  


Whether you're looking for a consultant or a turn key solution, we offer an extensive background in eco and energy design build services. From shipping container sized farms to large scale commercial grow facilities, our client list ranges from personal use farms, to restaurants, and educational institutions.      

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Bio-Turf Sustain Solution (BTSS) and Bio-Turf Renu Solution (BTRS) are proven products that grow rich thick turf while building the soil unerneath. This product has been tested, tried and true for the past nine years. Saves money, builds turf, conserves water, and leaves the turf much less prone to fungus for a fraction of the cost over conventional / chemical methods.     

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Our all natural patented pest control products are great for yards, fields, barns, play- grounds, sports complexes or any location where people and animals don’t need to be harassed. These products cover a wide array of pests, to include but not limited to, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, white flies, and deer. 

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Anything you grow, our products are sure to show! Our grow more products have a proven track record of improving crop yields up to 50%. Bio- Grow Sustain Solution (BGSS) and Bio-Grow Renu Solution (BGRS) are market proven products that build and restore soil compositions with great success in saving clients money, conserving water, and erradicating fungus for a fraction of the conventional product cost. Fruits and vegetables ranging from corn, wheat, grapes, etc.   

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